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Faux Pearl Earrings
Item # 1904

10mm faux pearl post earrings in silvertone in a variety of colors below.

Ordering Information
Product Description Qty Price Order Qty
Faux Pearl Earrings,Black 1 $4.99
Faux Pearl Earrings,Blue 1 $4.99
Faux Pearl Earrings,Champagne 1 $4.99
Faux Pearl Earrings,Chocolate 1 $4.99
Faux Pearl Earrings,Cocoa 1 $4.99
Faux Pearl Earrings,Ivory 1 $4.99
Faux Pearl Earrings,Lavender 1 $4.99
Faux Pearl Earrings,Peridot 1 $4.99
Faux Pearl Earrings,Pink 1 $4.99
Faux Pearl Earrings,Silver 1 $4.99
Faux Pearl Earrings,White 1 $4.99

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$15.00 to $25.00
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