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Crown Galleries has searched the world to bring you a wide selection of beautiful jewelry to delight your eye and inspire your life.

The catalog features amber from Poland, bracelets from Bali, earrings from India, rings from the southwest and much more. Crown Galleries--jewelry to treasure at affordable prices.

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*Supplies limited on all advertised items.
*Due to fluctuating Gold and Silver markets, prices subject to change without notice.
*Items may be photographed other than actual size.
*All diamond and gem weights are approximate.
*Please specify proper ring size. Full sizes only.
*Not responsible for printing errors.
*We reserve the right to substitute sizes and styles.
*No products on this website are made by Native Americans, an individual Indian or Indian tribe.  


CZ - Cubic Zirconia
G.E. - Gold Electroplate
G.F. - Gold Filled
S/S - Sterling Silver
T.C.W. - Total Carat Weight
Wht. Mtg. - White Mounting
Yel. Mtg. - Yellow Mounting

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All returned checks are subject to the state allowable service fee. Returned checks may be electronically debited for the full face value of the check and the state allowable service fee.


Orders are filled by item number exactly as received. If a variety is sold out, we reserve the right to substitute one of equal or greater value. If you are not happy with the substituted item, simply return the original shipping label with a letter of complaint for shipment of the original item when available or a refund.


We can only guarantee cancellation of an order if it is requested the same day the order is placed. All other cancellation requests must come to us in writing. Once we have begun shipping for the season, it is difficult to cancel an order. We appreciate your understanding.


Should you have other questions or concerns about these PRIVACY policies or the site, please call 1-800-544-8200, Fax 309-663-6691, or send an email to Customer Care.

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